In an attempt to better understand my own personal relationship with coffee, I decided on January 1, 2017 to take a photo of every cup that I consumed.  These are strictly drive-through coffees and not those enjoyed at a traditional, sit-down restaurant.  
After six months, I had consumed 53 coffees.  Each photo documents my love of these iced and hot beverages, but also records what was going on in my life.

Saturday, July 1
A beautiful day for a pool party, but clouds rolled in and it rained for 15 minutes at the end of the day.

Thursday, June 15
My sister's kids discovering Owen's old toys.

Saturday, May 27th
Visiting my dad at the cemetery.

Friday, April 21
No trip to Papa's house in Florida is complete without a visit to Black Gold Coffee Roasters.  The coffee was so good that I drank 99% of it before remembering to document.

Sunday, April 9
Lounging on Sunday morning.  Is there anything better than sunshine, family time and Starbucks?

Saturday, April 1
Don't remember the specifics, but any day with Allie's Donuts is an awesome day.

Sunday, March 19
Owen won a poop cube at Dave and Busters.  He was ecstatic and I was pretty excited about this latte.

Sunday, February 26
A little light reading, probably political in nature.

Wednesday, February 1
Terrapin is a Honey Dew / Filipino friendly zone.

Wednesday, January 25
Art that Dave purchased in Santa Fe.

Tuesday, January 24
Sometimes the coffees have my name on them.

Friday, January 20
A week of heating problems at Lola's house.

Monday, January 16
The best part of any Target trip is coffee.

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