Photographing the Four Seasons in Rhode Island
Hello.  My name is Reggie Linsao and I'm a nature photographer living and working in Rhode Island.  The majority of my work focuses on the pattern, texture and colors of the changing seasons:
•  Winter offers a stark palette with high contrast from a low sun
•  Spring is an awakening of the natural world with new growth and blooms
•  Summer serves up lush greens and brilliant blues from the sky and sea
•  Fall is a kaleidoscope of colors that really has to be seen to be believed

Influences on my work

Prints available on demand
The photographs on my site are available for purchase.  If you're interested in buying a print, please use the contact information above to get in touch with me. Pricing is as follows:
8x10    $20
11x14    $40
16x20    $75
20x30    $150
24x36    $225
30x40    $350

Are you looking for photography for an art project?
Over the past 10 years, I've had the pleasure of working with art consultants and designers who have used my photographs to decorate the walls of fine hotels and hospitality centers across the country.  If you're looking for fresh new work to integrate into your next project, please feel free to get in touch with me directly to discuss.  Send me an email, reggie (at) boomslice (dot) com, or feel free to call me at (401) 952-7327.